Merry Christmas 2018

I just can't believe that ANOTHER year has passed...……….. NO!  Slow things down a little, please. Donald and I are just getting older and slower with each passing year.


I can't even remember the beginning of this one, only the added "sadness" of the ending. I just can't believe that I have to add the passing of my very best and long, long time friend, Pam Silvis. Pam, I miss you so much, but thanks again for all the wonderful "good" memories that you left with me...………..such a BIG part of my life. Stay here, forever close by,  in my heart, please. 

Donald & Pam 1978 US Nationals                                                               Pam & John going on our train ride 

Now, thinking back over the year...………...what has happened this year???????????

First quarter of the year was just SNOW, SNOW, and more  SNOW!! 

We did get a little break in the weather and Donald got to "FLY HIS KITE" on March 1...…… the rain!!!

Maybe we did get a new car...…….. never too old for a Mustang. 

And SPRING finally did come and that is MY SEASON...………. and love it, I did...……….

Abe Giving Kisses
Anniversary Flowers 48 years
Cindy and Tripp
Daffodils just starting
Daffodils blooming
Apple Blossoms
Robin Eggs in my hanging basket
Momma Robin on the nest
Baby Robins
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Summer went by way too fast for me. It really just zoomed along. Lots of showing. Donald and Pocahontas got their ROM in Halter and Color. Randy Stoneback did a great job with Romeo, Top Five at Region 16 and a Top 4 at East Coast. We sure were lucky to be able to find the "perfect" home for My Alybi..... Congratulations to Scott Dulaney on his purchase of Alybi.


How can I wait so long for the warm weather and then it's gone...….

We didn't have much of a fall this year, did we?  Lots and lots of rain and cold and the leaves didn't even turn really pretty colors...……….and then it was over. But, lots happened in the last quarter too.  Let's see:   We got a new filly, 2018 by Bucky. We call her Sage.

We were still showing horses in October.  Dallas got sold to a long time friend, Emily Reynolds from New York, and she even beat us in halter at her first show with Dallas.  I got to watch Noah show at the US Nationals thanks to the live internet feed. Abe (or Indy as they call him now) left for his new home in Michigan. He will be a barn mate with another of our babies, Tripp. I got to meet Romeo's first baby...…...a gorgeous palomino and white pinto filly owned by Bonnie Heiser. Jest (as she is called) is being boarded over at Randy's until she is sold.


Doesn't that sound like a busy time? 

Juliette Showing
Leah Moyer showing Juliette under saddle.
Randy and Romeo looking it over.
At the Elmira Show with his trainer from Randy Stoneback Arabians, Strattanville, PA
Noah at the US Nationals
Noah is Abe's full brother.
Abe getting ready to go.
Congratulations to his new owner Caitlyn Myers.
RBA Her Majesty
Romeo's first foal...…..and oh so beautiful. Owned by Bonnie L. Heiser.
Dallas and Emily
Dallas has a wonderful new owner, Emily Reynolds. Look she beat us in halter. WOW.
Little bit of fall.
Reminds me of Fall........
A wandering jew.......
Pam Silvis gave me a little start off of her plant...…..wish I could have shown her how good mine is doing. I'll always remember.
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And that brings us back to ..……...time to finish my letter again and now plenty of snow and cold again. When am I going to get my act together sell some horses and MOVE from the farm. I'm afraid that time is coming sooner than I want it to. 

Boy, we have been so lucky though...……..far exceeding dreams and desires. We made some wonderful friends and did some wonderful things...………  lots to reflect about.  And new dreams to make...………..


Now, I want to tell all of you, friends, how much you all do mean to us. Please Enjoy this blessed season. Remember to keep "Christ" in our Christmases...…..for without Him, what would we have?  Love to all of you and may 2019 be one of happiness and a time of your dreams coming true.  God Bless you all and to all a "good night".             Donald & Donna


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