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Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly
Christmas Tree Ornament
Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly

         Christmas Letter 2021

                                     Oh my, not another year again……                                                                                                            why do they have to come and go so                                                                                                       fast? I don’t even get time to really enjoy each year and it is                                                               GONE!!! Let’s think about   2021………definitely better                                                                              than 2020, I guess. Donald and I were                                                                                                    able to get our Covid vaccines in February so that gave us                                                                some freedom…. YEAH. We were able to go back to church and think about some showing for the summer.

This year, like the others was full of UPS and DOWNS. We will try to hi-light the ups. Let’s see, in March and April, we actually bought two new girls:  a gorgeous buckskin pinto mare, His Glory By Design, from Shawn Schilling and a beautiful purebred mare, MP Festival, from Sandy Young. Both girls compliment our breeding program and we are so excited to see where they go.

And then……… foaling season started. Sierra had an outstanding palomino pinto colt at the end of April. What fun we had with Kaptan, a real character.  Congratulation to Samantha Santoro on the purchase of Kaptan.  At the beginning of May, we welcomed another palomino pinto. This time a  filly, Celeste out of Sunshine. She is a full sister to Tegan and just as beautiful. Congratulations to Jane Allo on the purchase of Celeste. And to Bif Osten the great job she did working with the babies this year.

Both Sage and Glory got to get out to some horse shows this summer and both did us proud. Samantha Kaber and Donald did great jobs with presenting the girls. Tegan was ready to come out for her show debut, but some crazy bug decided to raise its ugly head and put a quick end to our show outings. ☹ Let’s hope that next year looks better. 

One more bright part of the year…. Seranade gave us an outstanding black and white filly in August. Although she came late, she sure brightened our summer and fall with her antics, especially her attachment to Donald.  We have to thank Becky George for all the love and care that she gave to Seranade that allowed her to be healthy enough to have this dear that we call Abbie. 

I always LOVE to recognize the horses and the owners of foals we have bred for accomplishments over the year… Congratulations:


            To Liz Byler on the purchase of Snickerdoodles.

            To Samantha Santoro on the outstanding National wins she had with her gelding,                      Ryder including National Champion, Reserve National Champ, and four Top Tens.

            To Cailyn Myers on the Reserve National Championship win at the Sport Horse                          Nationals with her gelding, Indy.

            To Cindy Johnson on all the fun she has had this summer riding her buckskin                            gelding, Stanley.

            To Audrey Mosby and Ranger on the fantastic summer they had showing together,                    including East Coast Champion in two events.

Donald gets one sentence in our letter………..This year, he got a new motorcycle, a Triumph, and he LOVES it.




Looks like we will have several foals coming next year starting with our first one due at the end of April. Hope everything is looking up for you, friends.


Just remember: Everyday………..


          Forgive those who hurt you.

          Pray for those who need it,

          And Thank God for everything you have.


                                             Merry Christmas and Love to all,

                                                                              Donald & Donna

                      Enjoy some photos from us this year………..

Sierra and Kaptan
sierra kaptan.jpg
Sunshine and Celeste
sunshine and celeste.jpg
indy and caitlyn.jpg
tegan for chris.jpg
Kaptan and Celeste
27 the kids8218.jpg
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