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Christmas Wishes for 2022

Oh, my, it’s so hard to believe that it’s time for another Christmas Letter from Whispering Hill.  First things first…. Wishing all our friends a warm, wonderful and blessed Christmas!!!


Now let’s look back on our year!! And oh, so busy and exciting, too. I can’t believe that we thought that we could handle 4 foals this year………. That was a BIG mistake. Thank God, that Donald is such a cooperative guy because just cleaning that many stalls, feeding 4 times a day, and getting everyone out for exercise sure could have done someone in.  But we did get to meet 4 new “baby owners” and loved getting to know all of them. Here they are:  EZ (Yvette Rotundo in SC), Luna (Laurel Noblis Farm), Rowan (Dee Shute, Ontario), and Raimi(Crystal Grimes in VA).









In addition to the babies, Sassi, our palomino pinto mare, did get to go to a nicer, warmer home in North Carolina. Congratulations to Maegan Williby her new owner.  We also had a visit this summer from an "OLD, OLD friend, Carolyn Washburn from Canada. Carolyn had bought a Key baby from Judy Vosburg way back in 1994 (I think). She showed Graphix to many, many titles over the years. He is still with her today.  On a sad note (always ups and downs)....  we lost our very, very special mare, Sierra, this summer. She lost a set twins and foundered severely. Boy, will she be missed. 


We did get to show some this summer.Tegan did as well as expected (8 blues out of 9 classes.)  And I was so excited to get Abbie out for one show and she earned a blue in her very first class.       









And, I guess I can’t forget my other additions to the farm………. Romeo is back and so is our new stallion, Shazam. Shazam is a black purebred Arabian with a W-19 gene which makes him spotted……..what fun!!   


Lots more that I could report, but I’m running out of space and running out of 2022……….so, it’s Happy Birthday to Donald and Merrry Christmas to you all!!

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