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Pinto Part-Arabians for sale...where color is truly a bonus!
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Meet the stallions of Whispering Hill...........

We stand two beautiful stallions here at the farm. Each offers the mare owner special and unique characteristics and qualities. Transported semen is available.
Aly Be Dazzled++
My Alybi
Let Us Introduce Ourselves:

Whispering Hill Farm, located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, is owned by my husband, Donald, and myself. My lifelong dream of having a place to raise horses was finally realized in 1975 when I convinced my "non-horse-loving" husband that this farm was exactly what he really wanted.

And what a beginning - an old grey, run-down farm house ( 11 rooms and a path to the outhouse, no electricity - gas lights, and a hand pump in the kitchen) on 80 acres of untrimmed Christmas trees. But for a place to have horses, no obstacle was too great. We moved into the house in April, and our first two Arabians arrived in June. We have bred and raised Arabian horses here ever since.

I have always had a passion for Pinto Part-Arabians and have tried several times to breed for "spots' without much luck - five attempts - five solids. Then in 1992, our luck finally changed. Our Arabian mare, Algwynara, had a beautiful Pinto filly in May. Then in July, we brought home the Pinto National Show Horse stallion, Key Sera Sera. And Key certainly opened a whole new chapter in our lives.

Come on in and pay a visit to Whispering Hill Farm.............

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"color to your world" !
1997 Purebred ArabianStallion
(Allionce x Balerina Bey)
2007 Buckskin/White Pinto Stallion
(My Alybi x Sierras Dazzlin Pearl)
Here at Whispering Hill Farm, we always have some beautiful Arabian, Part-Arabian, Pinto, or National Show Horses for sale. And, now with the addition of our perlino mare, we are breeding some flashy buckskin and palomino tobiano pintos, also.

Many of our weanlings go to "kindergarten" and learn to trailer, tie, pick up their feet, clip, etc.  

Any horse over three years old is broke to ride which hopefully will ensure that the horses acquire good, using, and forever homes. We breed for beauty and conformation, but never overlook the importance of a good disposition!!!!
Donald and Donna Shelatree
1238 Burns Road
Venus, PA 16364
(814) 354-2541

Email Us: dshelatree@venustel.com
Please stop by and visit our farm's
Foal Cam next year when we have 4 mares due!


Thanks to Mare Watchers LLC  for hosting our cam this year.
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