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Beautiful Part Arabians

SINCE 1975

Some Alybi Foals:

My Alybi is proving himself to be an outstanding sire. His foals are very, very correct with nice straight legs, lovely well-set necks, and expressive, sculptured heads. They are tall and move with a graceful, but powerful reaching trot.

All of Alybi's foals that we have owned have had easy- going, people-loving personalities. They are wonderful to handle and seem to really love the attention that they are given. They are alert and showy, but not spooky. Alybi foals have been so easy to halter break, tie, trailer......etc.


 Click on the photos below for a larger photo with information.

Whispering Hill Farm

Donald & Donna Shelatree

1238 Burns Road

Venus, PA 16364                                                         814.354.2541



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