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Beautiful Part Arabians

SINCE 1975

Our Stallions.....


For your consideration!

Getting older sure isn't any fun and unfortunately we do not currently have any stallions standing at Whispering Hill......

Pictured are the two stallions that we stood at stud here for many years. My Alybi is living happily at his retirement home with Scott Dulaney.

Romeo is currently standing at stud at his trainer's Randy Stoneback Arabians in Strattanville.  He is expecting just one foal this year here at the farm due at the end of June. 


We currently are offering Romeo for sale as we would love to have him get the opportunity to be used and shown to his fullest potential.  

Feel very free to contact us with your questions.............I'm very easy to talk to and love to write, too.


Thanks,  Donna


PS............check out the individual pages for each of the boys. The links are listed below: 

Whispering Hill Farm

Donald & Donna Shelatree

1238 Burns Road

Venus, PA 16364                           814.354.2541



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