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Aly Be Dazzled+++/



Aly Be Dazzled was foaled here at Whispering Hill Farm on May 8, 2007. His sire was our Arabian stallion, My Alybi, and he was the first foal out of our perlino paint mare, Sierra's Dazzlin Pearl. Oh, my!!! What a beautiful surprise he was!!  Unfortunately for him, my husband, Donald, immediately bega​n calling him Bucky and although I tried many times to change that one..........Bucky stuck!!!

Bucky knew that he was special right from birth and boy did he love to show off. He constantly had us laughing at his antics and, someday, I may add some of his "crazy stories". Bucky was one of those "people lovers" right from birth also..............when we went to pasture to catch him and mom, Bucky was always the first one to the grain bucket!!!

We have all enjoyed watching this flashy guy grow up and grow, he has. He is quite the "BIG" boy with lots of size and a beautiful body with lots of muscle. Bucky is one of those guys with tons of play in him.............Bucky is also a very sensible and kind young stallion. 


Bucky will be available for service and we will be looking forward to doing some more breeding with him. He will offer a nice variety of qualities to mare owners. He carries the dilute gene so Bucky has a 50% chance of throwing palominos, buckskins, or smokey blacks to chestnut, bay, or black mares.  He would also be able to produce double dilute cremellos or perlinos bred to palomino or buckskin mares.

Colorwise, Bucky will also have a 50% chance of siring pinto foals of any color. He is big and correct with a gorgeous head and shapely neck. With his beautiful big eyes, I can't wait to see what he sires bred to a purebred Arabian.

Bucky headed off to Triple R Training Center in February of 2010 for saddle training. Trainer, Samantha Kaber, did a fine job of getting him started under saddle.

Bucky then went to Sandy Young at Sandy Young Training Center for his finishing saddle work and was ready for the Pinto World Show in June of 2010. What a wonderful experience for Bucky and for us. He hauled down like a trooper and was certainly "Mr. Socialite" while he was there. He enjoyed everything about his vacation, but was especially proud of his wins in Halter and Color.

​​Bucky continued his success showing in SHIH classes and dressage, winning his first dressage class with a score of 66+. Bucky sure had an awesome show season especially for a junior horse.

Bucky has continued his winning ways adding wins and a championship in SHUS. After many inquiries, we decided to try Bucky in western. Oh, now we've opened a whole new chapter in our lives. Watch for Bucky in Western Pleasure!!!​​

Bucky has been sold to Legacy Arabians, Terrell, Texas. Please feel free to contact them for breeding information. 

Bucky in Halter
First Halter Class
Aly Be Dazzled++
Bucky in Western
Sport Horse In Hand
Bucky in Western

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