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I can hardly believe that another year has already passed. Time for me to reflect on what we have been up to.   Every year, I wonder if I have enough for a letter and every year, I run out of space.  When I think of 2023, I have to say that I think of two BIG things: Lots of fun shows and Donald getting his arm broken (and everything that goes along with that).  It is hard to almost forget about the ONE beautiful filly that we had this year, but she is so pretty and so easy to work with that she is easy to forget as she just fits right in. We call her Myra (after her dame AMYR Pocahontas and her sire Maximum Mirage). She is a gorgeous black and white with a personality that is oh so special. I am in shock that she hasn’t sold yet.

As for the horse shows this year……. Oh my, but we started early. May 19 was our first show and we continued showing until Sept. 22. It was a long season, but we did really well. Samantha Kaber and Tegan had a real thrill when they went Champion of Champions at the Covered Bridge Show. They beat out all the other first place halter winners……..  It was so exciting. Also on the show topic, because Donald broke his arm, he couldn’t show Abbie so we recruited Elizabeth Osten who comes over to help with the kids into showing. She really jumped in and did an outstanding job.  We were so happy watching her and Sammy in the ring…………and Donald did get to spring back and join them in the ring in September. Taking three horses to a show is quite the experience!!!!

Now, to Donald and all the “FUN” that we have been having since July 4…….It had been raining and I asked Donald to bring my hanging baskets up onto the porch because they were plenty saturated. So he took an umbrella in one hand and the hanging basket in the other and started up the steps to the front porch……………..upon which he slipped and slid down all the steps and ended up with a broken right arm. This opened a “whole new world” for us so the rest of the year has been dedicated to doctors, rehab visits, appointments at the wound center. I have to admit that we have met all kinds of new “friends” and I have plenty of great stories to tell when you have lots of time to listen.  Donald is doing well right now………we can hope that continues now, except for him getting a deer with the Mustang.

That is the last big-time event that I can think of for the year………… our poor Mustang really got it bad (like $9500 damage.)  it will be in the shop for about a week. I can’t believe how many deer are roaming around this year.  Hope it’s the last one for us this year.

Well, it’s just about time for me to wrap up as I’m running out of paper. Time to wish all of our friends a Happy and Blessed Christmas!!!!    

A few photos from 2023………..

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