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Welcome to Our News Page.......... What's happening?

I decided that we needed a news  page to keep you all updated on our farm "UP'S" and "DOWN'S"........."IN'S" and "OUT'S"...... especially since it seems that we always have something new happening around here........

Now, will I be able to keep the page updated??????  Let's hope so!!!!!  Here we go!!!!!


2019 Just ONE!!!

Maybe there was just one foal this year, but he sure is a nice one. We call him Jedd......... by My Alybi and out of Sassi (Rain N Gold). 

Jedd is a full brother to Murray and is just as athletic and just as beautiful. He is going to be a BIG boy and oh so very athletic. Excellent legs and a beautiful head.....just wonder what shade of palomino he is going to be. 


Jedd is proudly being offered for sale. He is eligible for registration as a Half-Arab (68%) and also could be registered as a Palomino if someone desired that. 


As usual, I have tons of photos and will have a video ready in a day or two. (Check the sales page and I'll add a link when it's up. 

2018 Has been a super year...….

Abe Playing


Venus Playing

Legacy Im Dazzling

A daughter of Bucky (Aly Be Dazzlin+++/)  All I've waited and wished for was a daughter of Bucky to have to love, show , and eventually breed. And here, she is. We call her Sage and she is the newest member of Whispering Hill Farm. We sure are looking forward to next year's show season already. 

RBA Her Majesty

A daughter of Romeo(A Golden Alybi)  This is Romeo's first baby and what a "golden" surprise. She is absolutely GORGEOUS. Jest has a loving personality to go along with those good looks. She is typey, correct, and a lovely mover. Jest is owned by Bonnie L. Heister from North Dakota, but Jest lives at Randy Stoneback Arabians...………..and she is FOR SALE!!!!  Some lucky person will be taking her home with them. (Wish it was ME!)

Whispering Hill Offspring.....

Dante Taking a Jump

Sydney Growing Up

Stanley is too......

Noah at the Nationals

Ryder Hits the Showring

Snickerdoodles surprised us with a beautiful palomino pinto colt on August 22, 2017. I DO mean "surprised" us or maybe the correct term would be "SHOCKED" us as she wasn't due until Sept. 12. Both Snickerdoodles and the foal did just fine. The colt is absolutely gorgeous....... Palomino and pinto. JACKPOT! He is nicely built and has a super personality. 




and the living is easy.............

Romeo at the games!!!

New member of the show string...........

Another My Alybi baby showing off. This is My Red Whimz   (or Lucy, as from "I LOVE LUCY"). This beautiful yearling is owned by Carol Weaver (and Dennis, too) from Butler, PA. Lucy is Blondie's last baby and she is very, very special. How lucky we are to have her in the show string. 

More show fun........

Murray is getting bigger and bigger!!! ...and more beautiful every day!


One more foal coming this year, yet.........

Snickerdoodles bred to the homozygous palomino pinto stallion, MRF Sunsation. She is due around the middle of September, but is getting big fast.  I just can't wait for this foal........  Could it be my buckskin pinto filly? 

More of the 2017 Babies........

The Alybi babies are all here for 2017 and surprise THREE  foals- - -

Three Chestnut Colts!!!!!!!!

And, of course, we are very, very pleased with Sassi's first foal......... a flashy, typey, correct chestnut colt. We call him Murray as he was another Stanley Cup baby, arriving one day after the Pens won another cup.  Murray is really a beauty...........wish he were a filly. 

Scott Dulaney's colt by My Alybi and out of Kit Kat.  He calls him Bourbon. I forgot to ask Scott where he got that name, but it must have something to do with him being "full of it".............  

Sandy Young's colt by My Alybi and out of Charming.  She calls him Harry (after Prince Harry).  My but he is a "charmer"..........

Look who I found turning up on my Face Book one day..........


Congratulations to Melvin and Deborah Morgan and Heart of A Soldier!!!!!

This is Noah, our 2015 colt by JMF Khnight Rider and our of Midnite Seranade.  He is growing up so nicely and Region 12 Champion.

Show Season Has Started!!!!!

First show of the season for us was an overnight at an Ohio Pinto show in Wauseon, Ohio. Sammy showed Juliette and Donald showed Pocahontas. Everyone did SUPER!!!!

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Photo Contest Winners!!!!

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