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Beautiful Part Arabians

SINCE 1975

Welcome to Our News Page.......... What's happening?

I decided that we needed a news  page to keep you all updated on our farm "UP'S" and "DOWN'S"........."IN'S" and "OUT'S"...... especially since it seems that we always have something new happening around here........

Now, will I be able to keep the page updated??????  Let's hope so!!!!!  Here we go!!!!!

OH MY.............. this needs SOOOOOOOOO updated!!!! I need to re-do this whole page............ Forgive me today it's too beautiful outside not to go out for a while. 


Our only 2020 foal...  but "OH MY" what a girl!!!
tegan 3518.jpg
(Irish Thyme SA x Seeing Spots Summer Sunshine)
Palomino Pinto Filly foaled June 12
btegan rear P1520192.jpg
a filly and mm3097.jpg
Now, she is 2.........  but "OH MY" what a girl!!!
tegan canfield.jpg
tegan covered bridge3725.jpg
tegan cov brid3836.jpg
Three Inter-County shows so far and 8 Blues out of 9 classes..................
and she has a little Sister who should do just as well.  We call her Rowan and she is one BIG bundle of beautiful!!!!!! Rowan is being offered for sale.  
14 july 3343.jpg
13 rowan 0410.jpg

notes from Whispering Hill Offspring.....

dallas with flag.jpg
stanley and cindy june.jpg
jewel and jest 1.jpg
updated jest and juliette.jpg
stanley and cindy june.jpg
nya and daisy .jpg
ryder June 30.jpg
rainy june2020.jpg
hope first show scottsdale.jpg
hbd from Debbie and bucky .jpg
buddy apr20a.jpg
indy and tripp.jpg
indy sept19.jpg
dallas june 2020.jpg
JR birthday.JPG
tripp sept 19.jpg
venus nov19a.jpg
Lily july 2020.jpg
lily through the ears. .jpg
waving 0701.jpg
jed june 2020a.jpg
jed june 13a.jpg
drake 2020.jpg
deb rowan 20.jpg
hope june2020.jpg

Legacy Im Dazzling

A daughter of Bucky (Aly Be Dazzlin+++/)  All I've waited and wished for was a daughter of Bucky to have to love, show , and eventually breed. And here, she is. We call her Sage. We sure are looking forward to next year's show season already. 

Show season 2019 was lots of fun, but no show season 2020.

sage 2374.jpg
8 sage 1814.jpg
8 sage 1808.jpg
28 sage 8962.jpg

2019 Just ONE!!!

1 july very nice3875cr.jpg
1july 3877.jpg


Maybe there was just one foal this year, but he sure is a nice one. We call him Jedd......... by My Alybi and out of Sassi (Rain N Gold). 

Jedd is a full brother to Murray and is just as athletic and just as beautiful. He is going to be a BIG boy and oh so very athletic. Excellent legs and a beautiful head.....just wonder what shade of palomino he is going to be. 


Jedd is proudly being offered for sale. He is eligible for registration as a Half-Arab (68%) and also could be registered as a Palomino if someone desired that. 


As usual, I have tons of photos and will have a video ready in a day or two. (Check the sales page and I'll add a link when it's up. 

2018 Has been a super year...….

Elmira ribbonsP1300596.jpg
romeo eye1491.jpg
Scott alybi2.jpg


and the living is easy.............

Romeo at the games!!!

More show fun........

Look who I found turning up on my Face Book one day..........


Congratulations to Melvin and Deborah Morgan and Heart of A Soldier!!!!!

This is Noah, our 2015 colt by JMF Khnight Rider and our of Midnite Seranade.  He is growing up so nicely and Region 12 Champion.

Whispering Hill Farm

Donald & Donna Shelatree

1238 Burns Road

Venus, PA 16364                       814.354.2541



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