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Beautiful Part Arabians

SINCE 1975

 Well, the last couple of winters have done us in and proved, beyond a doubt that we HAVE to cut down on the number of horses we keep. Watching my husband dig up the water line 7 times and filling countless buckets at the sink shouted clearly to me that "WE ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS!" So it is with very great sadness (and even some tears) that I am putting ALL the horses up for sale. It doesn't mean that we plan to sell everything right now, but we MUST get down to half at least. If you might be looking for our "best" they are. I've tried to make the prices as reasonable as I could, but remember, these are the ones that I worked so hard over 30 years to get.........Offers, leases, bred back or open...........good home is most important!!!

Sales List 2022
updated: 7/5/2022

A Golden Alybi
(My Alybi  x MTN Blond Bomshell)

2011 Palomino Pinto Stallion

romeo games fav2026.jpg

Romeo is only being offered to a unique and special home. I really don't want to sell him as he really is my "dream" horse, but Donald and I are getting older and older and need to feel that our horses are placed in suitable homes while we can. 

Romeo is a proven sire with a proven show record......  excellent conformation and soooooo very beautiful. Very well trained for Western Pleasure, but also has points in SHIH. 

Drop me a line for more information.  I will listen to a reasonalble offer. I would consider a gelding price also. 

Also Available at Stud

16 romeo9167.jpg
games award2168.jpg

Romeo Foals

jest trot 6757.jpg
izzie 2997.jpg
jest 6763.jpg
andrea colt5.jpg
2 izzie 4056.jpg

(JMF Khnight Magic x Rain N Gold)

2022 Palomino Half-Arab Filly

Eligible for Registration: Half-Arab & Pinto


luna 6727.jpg
17 luna dandilion5854.jpg
17 luna cute face5848.jpg
17 sassi and luna5629.jpg

Oh my does this girl have it all.... She is colorful and beautifully marked, palomino and white. She has excellent conformation, straight legs, hooky neck, typey face. And, add to her looks a loving and gentle personality. She is a half sister to National Champions in Sport Horse and SHUS. She has so much to offer and is really unique. Tons of pictures available and video also. Check her out........if you want something that no one else has.

Rain N Gold
(Siera Golden Sunrise x Nevada Rain )

2007 Palomino Part-Arab Mare

Eligible for Registration as a Pinto 


1 july 3806.jpg

Sassi is a chocolate palomino pinto mare. She is 37% Arabian and is registered Pinto. Sassi's an outstanding mother, easy to breed and foal out. She is well broke to ride and very gentle. No kick, no bite. Wish that I didn't have to sell her..............                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SOLD

(Maximum Mirage x Amyr Pocahontas)

2022 Black Half-Arab Colt


2013 Pinto Filly

25 ez8598.jpg
july 3 9864.jpg
july 3 9810.jpg
25 ez8633.jpg

(Irish Thyme SA x Seeing Spots Summer Sunshine)

2022 Chestnut/White Pinto Filly


13 july rowan beautiful 0401a.jpg
10 july rowan 0109.jpg
10 july rowan nice0139.jpg
2 aug nice 4264.jpg

Nevada Rain
(Key Sera Sera x Arcadian Adriana)

foaled: 1999

 Nevada Rain is a full sister to California and has just as much a winning show record. ROM's in halter and color with over 100 points in both Pinto halter and color. Outstanding producer of show winning foals. Was well broke to ride when younger. Rainy went back to the trainer for a tune up under saddle and she did just SUPER even out on the trails. Great pasture horse. Easy to handle, but does crib when kept in a stall.  Video of Rainy undersaddle is available. 


       On Lease

Seeing Spots Summer Sunshine
Registered American Saddlebred

foaled in 2011

Sunshine is a lovely Palomino and white pinto mare. She is homozygous for tobiano so all her babies will be spotted. She is broke to ride, but is not really "trained" for any particular discipline. Sunshine is registered Pinto and Saddlebred. She is an outstanding mother and a very easy breeder (3 foals each caught on one cycle). Her foals have been absolutely gorgeous. The two year old that we kept has an amazing show record already. Ask us about her foals. 


                       No Longer Available

tegan 3530.jpg
sunshine P1520032.jpg

Whispering Hill Farm

Donald & Donna Shelatree

1238 Burns Road

Venus, PA 16364                       814.354.2541



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