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                                     2019 Christmas Letter

                                                   From Whispering Hill Farm






Not another year already………how can this be and now moving from one decade to another…………..   What a special time to take some extra time to look back over this year (I never thought at making it to the 2000’s, then we mad it to the 2010’s and now onto the 2020’s, wow is all I have to say. We’ve seen a whole lot of living going on for sure.

Well, let’s think about this year.  All I get in my brain waves is SNOW and RAIN…… lots of WATER in the yard and down the lane. OH, but LOTS OF WATER. You would laugh sitting in my dining room if you weren’t used to my house as you would HEAR water pouring through the basement and we wouldn’t even be jumping up to check on it……….for you see, our basement has a man-made hole in the foundation (complete with a screen over the hole) and a trench in the floor for the water to easily run right through the basement and into the spring run below the house.  Quite interesting and been there forever. So, we had water running in January, February, March, April, May, June, and July. Then in August after 3 years of waiting……… we found Wes Summerville who came to fix our swamp and our lane…  Thanks to the Lord. (In August, I FINALLY go to mow my front and side yard).  What a job that was for Wes, but what a job he did.









Some pictures of the digging.  Talk about a mess and after the digging……….then the leveling and planting grass.  Oh these pictures made me think of one other “BIG” thing that we did this year. Can you see the white boxy thing down by the chimney?  That is a Generac generator…….Wow! Comes on all by itself when the electricity goes out. A real life saver for us now that we are getting old. (Don’t have to worry about getting water to the horses.)


                               Oh no, page 2 already, let’s see about the rest of the year. Hmmmmm…….  Only one foal this year,                                           but a beautiful palomino colt we named Jed (Millie Brewster asked us to in honor of her young                                             son who died of a brain tumor). Jed brought us lots of fun and let us to meet a great new                                                         horsewoman friend, Bif Osten. She has been a real gem and oh so helpful. Jed went to his new                                              home in Wisconsin when he was weaned. Congratulations to Kristin Kafer on becoming the new                                        “mommy” to Jed. First picture of Jed is the one we entered in the Central Electric Photo contest                                             (we won 2nd prize.)  


Seeing those pictures of Jed, made me think of the other new horses we met this

year. Can you believe that we actually had a couple boarders for a couple months this spring (while they finished their barn.)?  Oh what fun the Russ Goodman family brought to Whispering Hill…………. Kim, Russ, Addison, and Lydia……… and of course the ponies:  Milo and Biscuit.









We did some showing this year, but not a lot………..Many of our shows got cancelled or tons of other stuff turned up like breeding mares…..  But Samantha and Sage did do very well for us and we were very pleased with them.









Loved seeing Cindy Johnson  and her family out riding this fall…….

All 4 of them having fun.

That makes me so happy…..

do you see MTO, she is 27 and still going strong.





Also, thanks to Linda McBride for squeezing in a Thanksgiving visit…….should be seeing lots more of her and her friend, Gary this summer.  Well, hoping you all have a blessed Christmas!!!!


Here are some photos that we got over the year from our clients…………..thought you might like to see what our “KIDS” are doing!!!


These are some beautiful pictures of Juliette and Jest owned by Gisela Stromeyer, NY











This is Faith owned by Deni Mcelhinny. Faith is looking into the window.  And that Picture of Sammy from a long time ago……..with her half-Arab that she barrel raced and did otherspeed events.  And here is Buddy by My Alybi and owned by Ariana Cyr. Growing up pretty!!!!


The bay and white pinto is Hope(California) and the buckskin is Stanley, under saddle.










Nya and Blondie from Laurel Nobilis Farm really special people with an awesome farm.

The guy in the snow is one of Key’s babies, Zareef………. Still going strong at 23.  How about our two new Michigan pintos, Indy and Tripp owned by Caitlyn and Cindy Myers.







Can you believe that Sydney is old enough to be going under saddle?  She is.  How pretty she is especially if you can see her in one of her videos.  Rylee is still around and oh, what an important part of the family………we just love the “Ry Ry”.  Last picture, one I couldn’t resist………. The only horse that we have shown against this year that I NEVER minded being beat by……………..  great job, Emily and Dallas.  He looks sooooooooooo happy.









Still is hard to believe another year has passed where do they go sooooo FAST?  I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten to edit this letter, but Donald and I have been very much “under the weather “ for the past 2 weeks……….. worse that we have been for years……….. lots to look forward to in 2020 so that is positive so I can’t wait for us to get feeling a little better soon………   Looking forward to Linda McBride and Gary and Mel and family’s permanent trip back to PA………..can’t wait!!!!!     Sounds like many new adventures here………..

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to our friends close and far……….wish I could have taken a little more time to improve this but it didn't happen………….at least, the feelings of love to all are running deep and wide.  Looking forward to more GOOD NEWS from you all soon………… 

                                                                  Donald and Donna

Wishing all a Blessed Christmas!!!

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